low angle photography of gray metal structure

Heron Or Egret All Alone (9-5-20)

That bird in the water is not that common where I live. I wasn't fast enough to catch the bird flying around near the water. That's the shot I wan't to get. There are many species of herons and egrets, so don't ask me what species that bird is.

I see these types of birds around the park in my neighborhood near the water. But I took this photo near the lakefront.

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Canada Geese Feeding Near Lake Veteran's Park

I actually saw a Gyr Falcon kill one of these waterfowl on video before. It was easy prey for
that bird of prey.

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blue, yellow, and brown wall decor

The Full Moon

I took this photo from the window. I was looking out the window and their goes that full moon.

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black tunnel interior with white lights

There Is A Little Rabbit In The Grass. I Wish It Was In The Morning But It Was At Night When I Took The Photo. Since I am An Avid Animal Photographer, I will Be taking more photos of wild

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How To Upload Your Photo From Your Cell Phone To Your Laptop

I simply sent that photo to my email address by saving the image. To me that is the most easy way to do it for free instead of buying connectors for this task.

By the way, that pot to the right is where I make distilled water for drinking. I wish I knew how to do this earlier because I missed a chance on taking a photo of a Wild turkey and a chick recently. What a rare sight where I live.

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