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Essential Architectural Photography Tips You Should Know  

Photography for many years has been used to capture art and beauty. This fact has proliferated over the last couple of years, with the rise in the popularity of social media. This phenomenon has trickled down to how architecture is captured and displayed. Architectural photography has become very popular. However, as with other forms of photography, you can do many things to accentuate the beauty of the architecture you are taking. Below are tips on how to improve architectural photography for beginners and common architectural mistakes that can be avoided.

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Fashion Photography Tips for Beginners  

If done right, fashion photography can be a lucrative career. Of course, as you ponder to enter this industry, the stunning pieces you may see on other photographer’s Instagram pages or magazines might intimidate you, especially if you are a newbie. But, if you never try, you will never learn.

  To succeed as a fashion photographer, you need to be dedicated and creative. Are you interested in venturing into this fast-paced industry that is characterized by never-ending fashion trends? Here are some fashion photography ideas that will help you kick things off.

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Everything You Need to Know About Aerial Photography  

If you enjoy taking pictures, you may be interested in taking photos with aerial photography. There are many ways that you can take stunning aerial photography.
Aerial photography isn’t as new as you may think, it’s been around since the 19th century when aerial images were produced using hot air balloons or racing pigeons. The first-ever aerial photo was taken in 1858 from a tethered balloon. 

This article will look at the different aerial photography types and give you details of how you can take photos with aerial photography. To Get Immediate Access To The Full Article, Please Enter Your Name & Email Address Right Now.

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Cell Phone Photography Tips 

Smartphone photography has come a long way. Although the quality of pictures taken by phones isn’t as clear as those taken with a “real” camera, it is getting better and better. In fact, for many people, phone cameras are the only ones they use. Here are some helpful tips on how to take good photos with phone. . To Get The Complete Article, Enter Your Name & Email Address Right Now!!

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How Do I Make A Portrait Photo?

A great background for portrait photography is crucial in taking great pictures of your subject. For example; if you are a musician, maybe you can put the musical instrument in the background. 

Preparation is important because you want the person that is getting their photo taken to be relaxed and at ease in the photo shooting process.
You might ask the model what type of photo that
they are interested in or simple just let them pose for themselves in a natural way.

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I don't know about you, but I will get very angry if individuals taking photos of me without my knowledge. Personally, I think it is rude and disrespectful to do so. 

Is It illegal To Take A person's
Picture Without Their Consent?

It is legal only if that individual is on public property. Even on parts of public properties, privacy expectations are necessary, such as public bathrooms.

Who would want to
take photos of someone there? I know I wouldn't.

I literally witnessed a photographer taking pictures
of one of their neighbors next door. Both individuals were on the opposite side of each other properties. The only exception to this rule is if one of the neighbors are doing illegal practices against you.

The courts might ask you to gather some evidence.

I have been to many grocery stores where there were no signs saying, no recording or photo taking allowed on these premises. Grocery stores are public entities, so therefore many times it is allowed on the property.

There is a federal law where you can take photographs only if the business don't post restrictions.

Last Updated on 8-4-20

Taking Photographs
In Public Without Consent

If you have any problems, or trouble shooting with your instant camera, here are some ways to operate your Fujifilm instant camera.

During operation- The shutter release won't trip
Possible causes- The battery power is low
Solution- Replace the batteries with new ones

The Filmpack won't load into your camera:
You are not using the correct film pack for your
instant camera: Solution: Use The Fujifilm Instant
Color Film Instax Mini Only

How To Use The Instax Mini 7s Instant Camera

I just bought me an FujiFilm Instax Mini 7s Instant Camera recently. I have yet to use it. I can't wait to use it when I'm in the field. You will get access to my finished photos when i do take the pictures on this website. So stay tune.

blue skies filled of stars

How To Take Care Of Your Photos Long term

I will be talking about the instant cameras you see at the department stores,etc. 

You should always wash your hands and drying them afterwards when dealing with instant camera
pictures. I even tried to handle the pictures by touching the surface of the picture,instead of picking the photos up by the edges. Your fingers
leave an impression on the picture if you handle
the photo incorrectly.

Prolonged Light Exposure is a deadly enemy of
photos. I just prefer to keep my pictures in a photo
album. I see people place their instant camera pictures on the wall in dorms. That's a terrible mistake. Since I like photography as a hobby, I take better care of my photos. I have seen photographs
in albums. They generally stay in good condition when stored this way, provided you don't store your albums in the basement or attic because of possibility of water and mold damage.

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Tips On Cleaning Your Camera

I bet you did not know there is an auto clean function on some DSLRs cameras. This feature on some newer models cleans the sensors. Some cameras are expensive, so I think routine maintenance will making your cameras last longer.

Just to be on the safe side, you might want to clean your DSLRs cameras manually from time to time. Using A Special Formulated Fluid & Sensor Swabs. There are different sizes of the sensor swabs so you don't have to worry is it going to fit when cleaning your camera sensors, etc.

Follow the directions on the sensor formulated solution. You may just need 2 drops on the sensor swabs for adequate cleaning. But make sure you go in both directions with your swabs, OK, How To Get To Your Sensors?

If you want to gain access to your sensors, you will have to keep your mirror up on your cameras. Some cameras have a locking mechanism to keep the mirrors in place. There maybe a better way.

You can also use your bulb on your camera so you don't have to use your finger to hold it while cleaning. The bulb main purpose is to keep the mirror up. Tip: It will be wise to keep your battery fully charged while performing this procedure. .

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Tips On Taking Great Photos

Last Updated 8-1-20
Photography can be an exciting hobby or a career. Doing some research before taking some pictures can save you time and money due to trial and error. Now let's look into some tips on making your photographs more professional. Make Eye To Eye Contact: Do you always look into the eyes of people, customers, clients, etc Maybe you should.

Studies have shown that direct eye contact can have a positive or even negative impact on a person's mood. Smiling in your picture can have positive impact, while no smiling or frowning can have a negative impact. If Outside, Use The Flash Option: I'm sure mostly beginners in photography will think not using flash on their camera outside is not needed.

While I disagree on that assumption. It is needed even if there is sunshine outside. As you probably have realize, your pictures can come out with not enough light in a person face when taking pictures. 

Make sure your background of your photos are first class. What do I mean by first class? You might get a half picture of an object,animal, person, etc. That can look very unprofessional on your pictures. Look through your lenses of your digital camera and see if your shot is top notch, if not readjustments are needed.

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  Simple Creative Ways On         Taking Great Photos At Home 

Here are some tricks on taking your best photographs at
     the house.                                                                                 

     I don't know about you but string lights look lovely all  by itself, inside or outside of your home. Taking             great,stunning photos with these fairy lights in the      background can give you the best results                              
      Fog Machines- Those photographers that want to   sell their photos will most likely want to purchase an

Fog Machine. There are many brands on the marketplace. I have found one that cost $225 with free shipping shipping at Walmart.                                           

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